Paquita & Come fly with us!

Our concert is getting closer and excitement is building!  Please make sure you read the emails as we get so many questions asked that were answered in the newsletters – and a lot admit they do not read the newsletters!!

It is very important for your child to attend all lessons to learn their part in the concert.  It is extremely difficult to choreograph dances with missing students.  From now onwards if you are not at the lesson you will not be in the section taught.  Yes, we understand if you are ill, but please be considerate and contact/text/email the teacher.



Orders for the concert tutu MUST be in and paid for by this Wednesday (7thNovember).  If your daughter is not going to perform in the concert please let us know.


Ticket Orders

The ticket order form can be downloaded here or collected from the studios.  Remember first in gets the best seats! Do not leave your order to the last minute as we do sell out.  If you have any special seating requests i.e. wheelchair access, vision impaired please get your tickets early.

Please do not email ticket orders, give your order and payment (in a sealed envelope) to your teacher.  Sorry No internet banking, cash & cheques only as the ticket organiser does not have access to the MRDA bank account.

Please note ticket orders will not be processed until costume hire has been paid.


Little Theatre Rehearsal

There will be a rehearsal at the Little Theatre on Wednesday 28th November THIS IS COMPULSORY FOR ALL STUDENTS!

We will be starting with the Pre-School children at 3.45pm followed by Come Fly with Us (this includes Hip Hop & Jazz). Please be ready to dance at 4pm.

Grade 5 & above are required for Pre-School at 3.45pm.

Only the Pre-School children can leave after they have danced, everyone else must not leave the theatre until they are told.

Please bring a snack & drink.

Hopefully we will be finished by 5pm.

All Paquita must be there ready to start at 5pm.


Please be aware that the Little Theatre is a public area and make sure your child has a minder. They must not go outside the theatre complex. 

We are too busy with the rehearsal and cannot babysit as well!


Concert Dates

3 performances 4th,  5th & 6th December 6pm start.  All will be finished by 7.30pm.

Pre- School will only dance in 1 concert.

Monday 3.30pm Class will be Tuesday evening  performance.

Saturday 9am & 9.30am Witako St classes will be Wednesday evening performance.

Saturday 9am & 9.30am Birch St classes will be Thursday evening performance.


Paquita (Intermediate Foundation – Advanced)

We basically have 3 weeks to put this together!

All girls must attend rehearsals at the following times.

Wednesday 7th, 14th 21st November  5.15pm – 6.30pm.

Sunday 18th & 25th November, 2nd December 11am – 1pm.

These times are in addition to you regular class times.

If you are not at rehearsal you will not be in the section being taught.

No parents please! We need all the space for 28 dancers!