15b Birch Street 69 Witako Street
4:30-5:30pm Grade 5 Open DD 3:30-4:00pm Pre School (3/4yrs) KC
5:30-6:30pm Inter DD 4:00-4:30pm Pre Primary (5yrs) KC
6:30-7:30pm Adv 2 DD 4:30-5:15pm Primary (6yrs) KC
5:15-6:15pm Grade 2 KC
15b Birch St 69 Witako St
3:30-4:30pm Grade 1 DD 3:45-4:45pm Grade 3 MR
4:30-5:30pm Grade 4 DD 5:15-6:15pm Grade 5 MR
15b Birch St 69 Witako St
3:30-4:30pm Grade 3 DD 3:30-4:15pm Jazz Intro L2 (5&6yrs) CM
4:30-5:30pm Grade 4 DD 4:15-5:00pm Jazz Intro L4 CM
5:30-6:30pm Inter DD 5:00-5:45pm Jazz Intro L5 CM
5:45-6:30pm Jazz Elem L1 CM
15b Birch St 69 Witako St
4:00-5:00pm Grade 2 DD 3:30-4:15pm Jazz Intro L3 (7-8yrs)
5:00-6:00pm Grade 3 DD 4:15-5:00pm Hip Hop (8+yrs) CM
6:30-7:30pm Adv 2 DD 5:00-6:00pm Jazz Elem L3 CM
6:00-7:00pm Jazz Inter L2 CM
15b Birch St 69 Witako St
4:30-5:30pm Grade 4 MR 5:00-6:00 Grade 5 DD
5:30-6:30pm Inter MR
15b Birch St 69 Witako St
9:00-10:00am Adv 2 MR 9:00-9:30am Pre School (3yrs) KC
10:00-10:30am Adv Pointe MR 9:30-10:00am Pre School (4yrs) KC
10:30-11:00am Pre School (4yrs) PD 10:00-10:30am Pre Primary (5yrs) KC
11:00-11:30am Pre Primary (5yrs) PD 10:30-11:15am Primary (6yrs) KC
11:30-12:15pm Primary (6yrs) PD 11:15-12:15pm Grade 1 (7yrs) KC
12:15-1:15pm Grade 1 PD
1:15-2:15pm Grade 2 PD
Please note:
  • DD – Davinia Dearmer, MR – Mary Rodgers, CM – Claire McGoff, PD – Phoenix Dearmer, KC – Kat Cammish
  • Age taken from 31 December 2024
  • To enrol in any of these classes, please fill out our enrolment form
  • Timetable subject to minor changes